Education is our most important asset. As acknowledged experts in the field of US real estate investing we consider it a privilege to educate our fellow Australians (and others) on this important wealth building strategy.

Our mission is to develop our team of partners and clients based on trust, successful investments, and a positive environment built on education and open communication.

Along with our partners on the ground we pledge to provide top quality investments, delivered to you renovated and rented, a true turnkey solution.

  • We a have a skilled and experienced team in the US, including an accountant, attorney, and banker.
  • Property managers that are committed to making your investment work for you.
  • 10 step criteria for qualifying investments for high returns.
  • Ongoing support and communication with our clients from initial contact to purchase to exit strategy.
  • Each client receives a personalized investment plan.

Common Frustrations of foreign property investors our clients do not experience

  • Poor property management
  • Bad tenants
  • No repairs or poor repairs
  • Banking concerns and issues
  • Difficult to reach contacts in the US and Australia
  • Lack of an exit strategy

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