Kansas City

Over the past few years Kansas City has begun to position itself as a major intermodal hub and logistics center in the United States. Many hundred large and successful corporations have taken note and have relocated or are in the process of relocating to this up and coming center of commerce. They are Sprint/Nextel, Garmin, H & R Block, Cerner, and many more Fortune 500 companies

  • In the middle of the country, Kansas City is a great location for business and shipping traffic of all kinds.
  • Kansas City is adding millions of square feet of distribution space designed to serve air, rail, truck, and inland waterway shipping.
  • 9 billion is earmarked for improvements across the city to renovate and expand office buildings and entertainment districts.
  • Properties in Kansas City are very low cost and generate high cash flow, making it very attractive for investors.


The State of Missouri is very pro landlord with property owner friendly laws and regulations making Kansas City a great place to invest, preserve capital, and generate a nice income.


Kansas City, Missouri – Market Update

Whether you want to own your first home or want to buy up some rental properties, the fruits for investment in housing sector is ripening across many parts of the country. One major region where it is particularly the right time to invest in housing market is the Kansas City.

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The Midwest is the engine room of America; however Chicago has not seen any real housing growth for several years, making it a great place to invest now!

  • Chicago has a large and vibrant economy; it is the 7th largest city in the world with almost 10 million residents and a GMP of 571 billion.
  • It boasts the world busiest airport, expansive rail and freeway networks, as well as an international port.
  • Chicago’s financial center has nearly two times the volume of New York.


All these facts make Chicago’s housing rental market very strong with solid prospects for growth. The continued recovery of the US economy will drive population and job growth in Chicago, and therefore housing, preserving and increasing investment capital.


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