The property development process is based the combined experience of our partners on the ground and our own approach to real estate development in the US.

1. A property is purchased and renovated with the aim of securing a tenant. A 10 step evaluation is completed on each property to determine it’s investment suitability.

2. If the property meets the criteria, it is purchased.

3. Our partners on the ground renovate the entire property to bring it up to rental standard and code removing any foreseeable maintenance issues for the investor. The property manager will advise our contractor on the desirable elements for rentals in that specific area.

4. The property manager will advertise, qualify, and screen a suitable tenant for the property with a long term lease.

5. When the property is tenanted and performing it is available to be sold to the next investor on our waiting list.


Buying process for our clients:

1. Complimentary initial consultation to define investment goals and align it with an appropriate strategy.

2. Training by our specialists to understand what is involved in the investment and purchase.

3. Set up an LLC, EIN, registered agent, and a US bank account.

4. Identify a type of property that matches your investment needs.

5. Review the available property for sale.

6. Purchase the property and receive the title deed.

7. Enjoy the rent deposited in your bank account each month.

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