Property Invest USA

Property Invest USA

You don’t have to be wealthy to invest in property… but you do need to invest in property to become wealthy!

By developing his own unique strategy for buying, renovating and renting his houses in the USA – Matt was able to build a property portfolio that earns him over 100k a year in passive income.

Matt now shares his system so you can build a positive portfolio without leaving your armchair!

Learn the lazy investors strategy to increased income by having the experts do it all for you!


In This Book You Will Discover How To;

property invest


  • Retire richer (and sooner) using real estate
  • Use your untapped equity to expand your income
  • Develop a positive cash flow portfolio from day one (without leaving your house)
  • Build an international property portfolio fast
  • Use the equity in your superannuation to buy property and add to your bank balance
  • Follow a proven system to successful investing in the USA


Matthew Stubbs was financially independent at the age of 26 by building a positive cash flow portfolio in the USA. His passion for learning all things real estate translated into 7 years of studying property investing and development at University.

Matthew purchased his first investment property at the age of 19 and has completed renovation and development projects in his home country of Australia. He has since shifted his focus to the more lucrative US market.


Whether you are just starting out in property, you are a seasoned investor or you want to utilise your superannuation, you need to read this book!

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